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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do Electric Cars Work?

    Electric cars work by charging their batteries from a plug-in point to store the electricity. These rechargeable batteries then power the electric motor, which is responsible for turning the wheels when you accelerate the vehicle.

  • Each electric car is different, so charging times can vary depending on the type of car you have. It also depends on the power source that you’re using, as traditional outlets may result in a longer charging time while specialized charging stations may be quicker. Generally, it’s a safe assumption that charging your electric vehicle overnight will result in a full charge.

  • There are a few factors that can affect the battery life of your electric car. But if you drive your electric car normally, you can typically have your battery last up to 10 years.

  • On average, electric cars can travel up to 62 miles on just 15 kWh. They don’t use up too much energy to perform. In terms of the power that they draw while charging, it’s about 7,200 watts or less. For comparison purposes, a water heater uses about 4,500 watts.

  • If you plan on buying an electric car and you want to charge it at home, it may be a good idea to install a home charging station. It gives you an outlet that drives more power than traditional outlets. On top of it reducing your charge time, it has built-in safety features to prevent any power shortage or fires.

  • There are quite a few factors that go into factoring your electric vehicle’s abilities on the road. Most electric cars today are built for range, and can go anywhere between 250 and 350 miles on a single charge.